Photographic History of the German battleship Admiral Graf Spee

historia Graf Spee_medium

Historia en imágenes del acorazado alemán Admiral Graf Spee

Author: Diego M.Lascano

Ediciones Pictoria ISBN 9974-7837-1-2

This book contain probably 400 to 500 pictures about the DKM Admiral Graf Spee, this the best photographic book about the pocket battleship. It is in incredible source of documentation for all the modelers willing to recreate the Admiral Graf Spee as she looked in 1939. It is in Spanish, as it has been published in Montevideo Uruguay. The copy I am reviewing is the third edition from 2006. A excellent reference for any study of the battle of the River Plate as many of the pictures and objects are coming from the German Sailors interned in South America or from the Uruguayan Press. One of the document is the “Trefferbild”, the graphic reporting the impacts from the Artillery Officer F.W. Rosenack. It shows 3 direct impacts from the HMS Exeter 8” and 18 impacts from the Ajax and Achilles 6” guns (page 102). Another little known fact is the 4 Chinese cleaners who were employed aboard the DKM Admiral Graf Spee, page 160 there are pictures of they repatriation to Germany.