Links and References

Links about The Battle of River Plate: is a site focusing on the life of Captain Langsdorff. the New-Zealand history web site about the battle of River Plate. HMS Achilles was part of the New-Zealand Royal Navy, Royal Navy New Zealand will be created on 1941.


are two excellent threads on the Bismarck forum about the DKM Graf Spee and the battle of River Plate.

All About Games:


Links about Naval Warfare and Naval History: An incredible reference about Naval Weapons and Technology. It is an excellent site about Naval History and the discussion board is hours of passionate debate. Beyond very nice pictures of DKM Graf Spee there is a stunning 3D model.

Links about Naval Wargaming: (In French) An excellent website about Amirauté the “Grand Dad of French Naval Wargaming”. There is a PDF of an updated set of those French miniatures rules. This very British Society is publishing “All Gun Blazing” and is providing information about all Naval Wargaming Events.