Gunnery Instructions (version 1.2.10)

The gunnery orders are given in the upper right corner of the screen.


The button “Fire” will order fire of one or two turret depending of the configuration of the boat. The actual fire will be executed at the end of the turn, most of the engagements were at distances of 5 to 12 nm and the travel time of the shell is 15 to 60 seconds.


The “Next Turret” button allows to review the turret one by one and select the ammunition type with the “HEM / APM” switch. APM stands for Armor Penetration munition and HEM stands for High Explosive Munition. APM are efficient against heavy armored plated hulls and HEM are efficient against superstructures.


The “Straddle / Group” switch allows to program the firing mode. Straddle allows to converge faster on the target, you can see the dispersion of a straddle fire in the red box inside the map view.


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